Its been a long time since I have written here, and that really made me think , is there nothing that I want to say ( as I would always write things that were close to my heart on this blog ) or is it that there is no inspiration for me to write.

But then I decided why not make a fresh start and write a little something for you to read or you can say just for myself , for me to feel good after writing , and to have my thoughts on paper .

I have been reading a lot of books and observing people around me so that I can understand life better, in my quest for the search of human behaviour and nature I learn interesting things everyday ,because I make a conscious effort to do so. each event happening in ones life teaches you something and as its a part of your life ,Its always better to learn something good from events happening.

Now to the topic of Whats app forwards , every morning we sit with our cup of tea and read messages which we have received while we were sleeping by our dear ones and not so dear too from the other part of the world. Its also from those who are up much before us and have spent time to send us some forwards for the day.


It normally happens that one goes through the messages sent by our dear ones first, we tend to read them with focus and try to find a message in that message ” Hehe” , then on to the messages sent by others now…. so we read these with our whole mind and focus, not always , But  some relationships demand a response and so we click a  ” thumbsup”.

As this has become our everyday ritual why not make that time a little special, I truly believe that there are some awesome forwards or quotes doing the round on all the whats app groups, saying which really make us think about what they say…

so I decided why not share and discuss some of those quotes which might give a little sweet meaning to our day.. what do you say.. How do you like this idea .. ?? I will try to put in a quote once in a while which we can discuss and give it a little more meaning , buy doing so I feel that each one of us will take the quotes and forwards a little more seriously which will indirectly help us grow.

So today’s quote is


what do you learn from this??

I learnt that we should try and make our every moment perfect and not wait for those perfect moments to happen.

like enjoy a first cup of tea in Your favourite mug, read something you love (if you like reading) first thing in the morning ( I love sitting on my ipad reading my favourite blogs , who inspire me positively).

Although all your daily activities are not always the way you want them to be , try to do a little something every day to make your moment perfect .




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