I have posted about my morning me time before so here is my morning tea in a new cup and plate.. I love the colour combination of lavender with brinjal purple for the plate.They are not a set but I made them into one.

This is what you should look out for ” the magic of everyday “the pleasure you find in the everyday , little things that seem so insignificant as you just pick up a cup and have your morning or evening tea and just finish off .. off course all of you will not be as interesting in the type of cups or other kitchen crockery used but I am sure when you have a coffee or tea you have it because you love the beverage so why not enjoy every bit of it.. try to make time in the morning for this little act of tea /coffee drinking and see the magic it brings into your day.

Morning time is normally very hurried and rushed but these 5 minutes that you spend with yourself , is a feel good factor in your day. TRY IT TRUST ME.

This is what I had for breakfast .. Muesli in  a plain white bowl but to make it look pretty I used a polka dot plate, which is not necessary but never the less made my breakfast look a little special for me..

How did you spend your morning today..?

what did you have ?? Pls write to me it will be great hearing from you.






2 thoughts on “MORNING…

  1. I love your thoughts on doing this for ‘you.’ You’re right — a touch of color or a whimsical pattern can brighten your day! I have an assortment of coffee mugs, and depending on my mood I drink out of a different one every morning. After reading this, I’m going to add a ‘saucer’ — fun! Thank you.

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