HOMEMAKING …when family comes visiting

Last week was pretty busy .. I should say really very busy with family i.e my brother who is on the project to the US was visiting .. He is with me on and off as he has other places to visit and stay too..
My main focus is normally on food , it always happens when someone comes visiting the first thing that we start planning is the menu for them and then the preparation starts a couple of days before they came.. like here in India we have to go to the fish market and get fresh fish and as we are from the coastal region fish is the main part of our menu.
Here the fish that is purchased is not cleaned, it just comes from the fish mongers we have to cut and clean it before we consume it so it almost takes at least a couple of hours for the whole process.
My brother and family where with us for three day over the weekend and will be coming this week too. The menu was totally fishy with lots of fried fish, 2 types of vegetables with each meal , roti , dal , rice and salad..
Let me share with you a typical menu on Saturday for lunch.

king fish fry
Dal with tomato
Brinjal and potato dry vegetable with prawns
french beans and peas vegetable
boiled corn with chat masala
and also made kokum (a sour fruit found in Goa) kadi which can be had as a appetizer.

Sunday we had lunch at a chinese place while dinner was at home
for dinner my brother did not want me to make anything elaborate
so I made
ALSANDE TONAK (goan black eyed peas) masala with coconut gravy
Rice with curds

Breakfast time….made Poha (beaten rice with potatoes) on Saturday and made Upma (spicy semolina) on Sunday.

Had made besan or chick pea flour ladoos as a snack for my little niece a couple of days in advance.
I have put this menu up for those who are not Indians and would like to know what it is like to have guests in an Indian house .. where food is always given priority over other things.


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