It’s lovely to have great friends, friends who have been with you through your life, since your kinder garden times or even since your school days.

We have seen the ups and downs in each others lives, we have lived those great and not so great moments and hence it has become a long term friendship where we go beyond being good friends.

Each one of us yearns for such a magical relationship which has lasted the taste of time.

There comes a time when there is lot of familiarity in the relationship and you know what the other person thinks or what the other person is going to say. This is when you have to be really very careful, this is the time when you start taking the other person for granted.

Over the years each person develops his own individuality, he is his own person with his own firm beliefs and ideas and hence when someone close to them tries to teach him things which although may be for the persons own good may not be looked at in the same way.

I have seen many relationships strain or break because they take each other for granted.

Always keep this in mind that we should give advice only when asked for and also to respect the other persons individuality and that how much ever you feel that you are doing something that is good for the other person , it might not be necessarily what your friend wants.


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