As we grow older, we learn more about life, we learn how to interact, how to live our life the best we can.

Along the way we read books which really help us to know more, we talk to our parents, elders. But there are still many questions that we ask ourselves every day ,questions that are unique to ourselves or are universal , we know that they may be something that all of us ask ourselves. 

So I felt the need to discuss them with you.. How about I asking you a question and you replying in the comment section. When there are different views and different perspectives we can look at things with a broader outlook. But I will only if you friends are ready to discuss it..

As I always have this question, “If you are the type who always adjusts to a certain situation, to make it easier for the people around you and also for yourself .. , do you feel that doing so is good in the long run or will it make people around you take you for granted”.

Or does standing up for yourself and not adjusting make life more difficult for you.


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