It so happens that when you first learn to cook , we tend to stick to recipes and tend the stick to what is supposed to be done or things that go well with each other but as years go by we learn to experiments some turn out well some do not, but those which do not we have experience enough to make them edible and tasty.

I love experimenting with Parathas a Indian flat bread as its a complete meal you can incorporate vegetables and flours as per you choice and taste.


Methi Paratha

1 big bunch of methi leaves cleaned washed and finely chopped.
1 cup of wheat flour

1/2 cup chickpea flour or besan

1/2 cup rice flour

1/4 cup jowar flour or any other flour of your choice
1 tsp sugar
2 tsp chili powder
1 tsp haldi powder
1 tsp garam masala powder
1 tsp each of ginger and garlic paste
2 tbsp sour curds
You can put 1 tsp lemon juice or amchur powder
1 tbsp oil or butter warm
Salt to taste


A very simple way of making quick parathas
Just mix all the above ingredients together and make into a dough ball
Rest for about 1 hour
Roll out into parathas
Fry with a little oil on a tava or griddle.
Serve with a dollop of home made ghee or pickle.Methi Paratha



First , it was a pleasure to read that my blog traffic has been increasing . Thanks to you guys to find time to read my blog.. Let me tell you this that what I write comes from my heart there is nothing that is for show and so I may not have many pictures or things or even

glitter and glamor but its a simple life of a simple lady and I feel it matches with many others just like me … I would really appreciate if those who read my blog would pls take the time to write in just a sentence in the comments section so that I know your presence.


It has been a really busy but productive week , Productive as i could be host to our relatives who visit our city only once in a while and she was visiting me with her sons after a gap of 10 yrs.. My husband’s cousin sister who stays in our native place is a very accommodating person.. When ever we visit our native place we are always welcome to stay at her place for as many days as we please and all this is done with a smiling face and warmth in conduct.

I wanted to do as much as I can for her and so out of the 5 days that she was in Mumbai she was at our place for 2 .. as there are many who had invited her over.



The first day she came was her vegetarian day i.e a day where she and her family have only veg food .. so my menu was a complete veg. I made 2 vegetables a salad ..dal rice and chapatis..

Normally in our house and also when we are invited over the main star of the menu is a fish dish as we stay and are from a coastal town so our food comprises of fish curry, fried fish , and rice…and off course vegetable dishes are also a must.



So my next meal was an all non-veg menu with chicken curry, fish curry for the rice and fish fry.. with a vegetable thrown in as a side.

After that I had other guests too .. In short my whole week was spent cooking, cleaning, shopping for food and also accompanying the guest for her shopping ..( I enjoy that..)

The pictures shown above are not taken on that day as I was too busy to click pictures but they are representations of meals eaten other days.