My idea of a morning cuppa

something to read on my ipad and one book and my morning cup of tea with milk

If I miss out on this daily routine , I feel that the morning is incomplete, I need to have this little time for myself before I start my day.It rejuvenates me and gets me ready for the day.

What is your idea of a perfect me time and when do you get it??


5 thoughts on “MORNING ME TIME…

  1. akshata, your daily routine is similar to mine (I’m a coffee drinker though) and I agree, it’s a necessary, peaceful way to start the day. Your blog is filled with lovely thoughts — the kind of reading that adds to value to life and enhances that morning cuppa. I’m tickled to “meet” you, too — followed you back!

    1. Thanks a lot..
      I know that I cannot write as well as you, but I like to put my words with honesty and exactly the way I feel..
      I have been reading your others posts and they are wonderful as well .. You have a way with words .. GREAT…

      1. akshata, I think writing from the heart is more important than writing words in a certain way. Your loving spirit comes through and your appreciation for life shows!

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