Next few days are going to be very busy with celebrations in the family , my sister in laws eldest daughter is getting engaged and hence the first child on my husbands side is getting married. Its always the first one who is very special so there is lot of planning , shopping and cooking going on.. 

We have guests from outstation visiting and staying over for a couple of days and then about 10 coming for lunch the day they leave for their home town.

In India food plays a very important part in the hospitality department and hence you have to be particular about what is to be cooked and served.

I have to plan two different set of meals the first one where I will have about 5 people over will be a total fishy meal and the other one which has about 15 people will be a complete vegeterian menu . so, it will be interesting to cook those meals .. I will be putting in the menus after the guest have gone back ..

We can share and also talk about some other menus.



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