We as parents are responsible to build up a strong foundation of values in our children, It is always good to start as early as possible so that they become traits , they become habits.

VALUES can be taught by practicing them regularly , teach them by example.. you are their role model they are constantly observing you, observing your reactions to situations, your interaction with people and that what helps them build up their personality,

while teaching them to do certain things we teach ourselves too, Its not that we are perfect and as we go along life we feel that we have to have some qualities which are good to have in us but we lack in those , so why not make a fresh beginning with your child , try to follow what you want to teach them even if you do have not ever practiced it but always wanted to do so..

Here are  my few .. You can always add in yours in the comments section for others to read the best ones I will put it here along with your name giving you credit to my list.. so please do contribute.

1. HONESTY: According to me a number one quality that is very essential for building good relationships and living a fruitful life. When                        you gain trust you are always loved and respected.

2.   JOY: Teach your child to find joy in what he does and not necessarily in what he wants to do.. its not always that you get to where                 you want to , Its not always that in-spite of working hard on a thing you do not achieve what you deserve but that should not                 stop you from enjoying it find joy as it is inevitable for that moment , work hard again and try to achieve what you have not but               don’t waste the today thinking of the past.

3. POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Life is your attitude , how you look at things and they way you react to it..being positive helps in your success                                         as well as your failure.    

4. LOVE OTHERS: Teach kids to love others, look at things with warmth and care, think from the other persons perspective.

5.   FAITH: Teach him to have faith in himself, his parents and god . 

These are some of the things I can think about please add yours..



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