Today is 22nd April 14.. Its 12.45 mid-morning .. I have just finished my morning chores..


Its hot and humid outside.. Its been like that for the last couple of days .. too hot even inside out home as we do not have AC’s all over the house , using the AC is very expensive here in India so they are used only at night.. as homes are not centrally air conditioned ..So cooking in the kitchen is a real head ache but the way Indian meals are cooked we have to slog at the stove for all our things . We make Roti fresh everyday.. make rice and a curry and a vegetable to go with the Roti.



This weekend was good , normally my hubby works half day on Saturdays and so he has the evenings free . My son when to visit his grandparents and to stay overnight with them (happiness for them). He came home late in the afternoon so by the time I finished cleaning the kitchen and taking a little nap it was almost teatime which is 6.00 pm in the evening.. so we cancelled any plans of going out and just went to a garden near out house for a evening stroll..(I love to visit a mall and shopping.. but.. hummm). Sunday was planned .. as we were invited by my hubby’s cousin for lunch.. I told her I would carry one homemade dish and the Rotis. So morning went in cooking, cleaning and arranging everything. We left home by 11.30 only to reach her home at 12.45 That’s Mumbai for you …Had a great meal with fish , chatted the whole afternoon with all at her home ..evening after tea we visited a grocery store which I long wanted to visit near her home. never leave without purchases. From there we went to my parents house for dinner as my son was there and we had promised him that we would pick him up and we would come home together.



i Have been watching all the IPL MATCHES since they started.. and I love watching them Its a nice way to relax without any attachment for any other team than the one you support.I have stopped watching serials as I cannot relate to the stories nor to the characters of the people shown and you go on thinking of how the story will progress and that is what I don’t like

I have been watching a lot of you tube videos recently which feature various hauls (love the thrift store and grocery hauls).. we do not have the stores in the US or UK here in India so its always fun to see the new food products that are in the market.I also watch daily vlogging moms and their kids .. I enjoy that.

In television programs I watch food and travel programs only ( as of now..)



I have a fixed morning routine things that I have to do and the major being cooking breakfast and lunch which are always fresh and from scratch.

BREAKFAST. Today was a exception and I made a quick breakfast as hubby had to leave early and visit a relative in hospital , so I made cheese toast sandwich for my son and him.

LUNCH: A new dish tried today.. MASOOR-PRAWN – PULAO . Inspiration from my mom who likes to cook different types of pulaos and parathas. string beans vegetable and chapati or Roti..


That kept me busy today .. I normally bake in the afternoons or late at night after all the regular work is done but today I baked a lovely DATES AND BANANA EGG LESS CAKE.. for the relative who is in hospital and has just gone through a surgery ( off course its not for him as he will be on liquids today but its for the family who will be sitting with him at the hospital at night ,Its something to cheer them up and for them to munch on while spending sometime there.. ( I will be visiting them in the evening.)

Thats my morning.. Lots of work to do.. checked the cake in the oven not yet done , have to have lunch , Hubby will be home any minute.

Will try to do something like this i.e writing my day at-least once a week on Monday or Tuesday.














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