HERE IS MY TAKE ON IT.. The views expressed are totally my own and it would be great to know what other readers can add to it. This is their perspective.

I feel love between two individual starts with your mind. Your mind has to be ready to accept the opposite person first and foremost accept him as he is or be ready to open your mind to the person.

According to me there are three things that are most important in a relationship and the other minor things can follow.

RESPECT:  One has to respect the other person for the individual he or she is and that the other person’s views, his way of looking at life or I will say ever situation may it be big or small may or may not be the way you look at it.. Learn to respect him for his actions as long as they do not affect your own life in a negative way and as long as you don’t have to lose your own respect.

TRUST:Learning to trust the person we love is very important, we have to know the person so well, that we should be able to know him or her for what he is.. Off course trust always depends on how truthful the other person has been in a relationship and hence it works both ways.. You have to be open and transparent with your loved one and they should know that when you say something there is no two ways about it.. That’s the truth and only the truth.

UNDERSTANDING: With trust and respect comes the understanding for the opposite person, where your relationship is beyond words and actions, one can know how the other will behave or say in such a situation or will react to which situation. You should be able to look at each other and know what’s going on in the other persons mind and behave accordingly..

It’s very tough to maintain such a wonderful relationship but off course not impossible, but the effort should be on both the sides.

GROWTH AND CHANGE should be accepted.

Marriage is not only about diamonds and flowers it’s also about doing the little unexpected things for the other .


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