I read this advertisement in the paper about a Huge exhibition that was taking place in an area not very close to our place.. I used to visit such exhibitions when my son was younger and had not been there for the whole of the last 10 yrs

I love going to exhibitions as we can find a lot many things under one roof, I am not too fond of dressing and so exhibitions having only fabrics or clothes are a big no-no for me , but I enjoy it when there are  handicrafts , food , and decor items.

So this was one such exhibition with almost everything in one.. Let me tell you how I commuted to the venue.. I am writing this for those who are not from India and not staying in a metro like Mumbai where I do and staying and traveling conditions are very different from other cities or countries.

It was a Saturday afternoon , so almost half of the offices are closed plus afternoon time is against the crowd  time for where I stay and where I was going to, so a big plus hence that was the day and time I chose to visit this venue.

I first took a rickshaw to the station one can also take a bus,



and then I boarded a local train and went to station where we were supposed to go for the exhibition. Then we had to take a rickshaw again to reach the venue It totally took me about 1 hour 15 mins to reach there.. By we I mean , I had invited my brothers mother in law and sister-in-law to come along with me for the exhibition..


In Mumbai traveling is the biggest issue for a 3.5 km distance it can take about 30-35 mins by Rickshaw or car due to the traffic conditions.. But staying in Mumbai is a boon for those like me who do not drive,  the public transport system is very well-developed with lots and lots of buses, auto rickshaws and local trains are used for  everyday around Mumbai but due to the large population there is lots of crowd and hence lots of traffic jams.

Read this link to know more…

We spent about a couple of hours there.. and then returned home in the way we reached the place.

I was expecting quite a rush at the exhibition. But I found that it was not as crowded as when I used to visit such exhibition years back. I will tell you what I think the reason was tomorrow so look out for this page..



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