I would love to write everyday..but its just not possible to do so..But I was thinking why not make a questionnaire kind of thing which I see many homemakers doing on blogs where they answer a set of questions about their day and the activities and by that they can keep in touch and also is interesting for the interested ( hehe… I like that…)

I will make a set of my questions , i.e what suits my lifestyle as the questions that others answer may not be suited for your life in a certain country.So, I will make some everyday questions and answer them by which I can keep in touch with you all at least 3-4 times a week.. If  my other readers would like to answer those questions they can do so on their blogs or in my comments.. for other like minded friends to read .. it will make us aware of the type of life homemakers  in other countries live ‘

I feel that such dialogues helps us homemakers who are not in touch with many others like the working women and who would love to get to know more people around the globe.

I would like to know what you feel about it pls keep a comment on this post so that I know.


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