16th JANUARY 2014



Its 10.45 in the morning, Just about finished my early morning schedule, Here in India we do not have lunch before 1.30 in the afternoon and our meals are complete meals so there is time to cook my meal ..

My regular morning schedule is

On waking up I boil milk (which a milkman keeps outside our door) .. { we get fresh milk everyday its in pouches which are branded and sealed or it is loose where the milkman comes with a can of freshly milked milk } Right now I prefer the branded pouches.

Then while the others are sleeping I make my sons lunch box ( this too is freshly cooked every morning as its his semi lunch) He comes home at around 4.30 and has his lunch. Its ok as we have a late dinner around 9.00 pm

Today I made potato slices shallow fried in some spices and dipped in rice flour we call them BATATA PHODI .. phodi is slice.

This he loves to have with either roti or sandwiched in slices of bread today I gave him bread slices and a pouch of tomato ketchup to go along with it. If he has a longer day at college I would have given him a second tiffin with fruits or some buts. but he will be coming early today so he has carried only one tiffin or lunch box.

Then I and my hubby talk our morning cup of tea where I go on chattering while he reads his paper. Hehe,.. I do not know how much goes into his head..

I read my magazines and sometimes the latest updates on some blogs.. then it is time to make breakfast for my hubby normally this is what my son carries for his lunch box so it’s done but sometimes like when fresh dosas or paraths or roti has to be made I make it fresh and hot before he leaves for work.

As he leaves I have to make the prep work before my maids come for work i.e. she comes for doing the dishes.. Most of us in India do not own a dish washer its only for the very affluent as yet.. I know that it will be a necessity after a few years.. Just like the washing machine which has come to India just about a decade ago and then it was considered a luxury, but now it has become a necessity as the maids refuse to wash clothes that they earlier did .. As you have to clean the vessels before they go into the machine here too we have to wash all the vessels under water before they come as they come only once a day and the vessels are from the day before. They will do only what is put in front of them they do not go out of the way to look for other things and wash them, off course ether are exceptions to the rule.

Then I load the washing machine, I have a load everyday.. Then it’s time to make my bed and clean up my sons room.. He rushes out in the morning and leaves everything around.. It’s a pleasure doing thing for him, but sometimes I have to shout, so that he gets into a habit of cleaning up after him.

Its kitchen time then, I start my lunch prep i.e. cutting, cleaning vegetables, cooking the rice in the pressure cooker, soak dal for making my spicy dal or grate coconut for making fish curry. Cooking lunch is something that takes my major morning.


And now here I am sitting at the computer with my morning cup of tea which I share with my maid.

I tell her to take a break from her schedule give her a hot cup of tea with a good breakfast by which she can go through the rest of her morning without worrying about food..

My MENU PLAN  for the day is


Dal-plain yellow lentil dal with ghee and hing.

Okra or ladyfinger stir fry

Brinjal Bharta

Rice and Roti.

No plans made for dinner as yet..

I am in midst of planning my home binder so I work on it every single day.. and try to get pintables or lists which will suit my schedule.. Its difficult to stick to a schedule here as you are dependent on your maid and also their timings.. but still I try.




One thought on “16th JANUARY 2014

  1. I’d love to exchange Okra or Lady Finger recipes with you. I have tasted the Indian version and it is yummy. We chop or grate it; and boil it in a small quantity of water, spiced with bullion cubes and tiny shrimp or crayfish and pepper. The resulting dish is a slimy meal, which we eat with a tomato stew and cassava meal or pounded yams.

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