Routine is a thing that most of us follow, it’s something that makes us organized, be up-to-date and also finish our day-to-day activities on time and with a certain focus.


Although all this is very very true and I too try to have a certain routine in my daily activities by which I try to accomplish things which help me keep my house running smoothly..I love to go off routine once in a while. It’s so exciting to not be doing the things that you do every day , to be able to just let everything that is done everyday be and do something different , do you have that feeling too of being free of the regular bonds of daily routines.


I did just that yesterday.. when my hubby was away with his siblings and their families out-of-town (I had to stay back with my son as he had his important college exam to attend, which came up suddenly and there was no way to avoid that so we cancelled our plans and my hubby decided to continue as he was the one who had organized and planned the whole overnight trip and didn’t want it to be a failure).


So no lunch making for me…Which is a relief sometimes as we have a complete whole meal for lunch which takes up most of my morning.. and as my hubby is home in the afternoons , I just cannot take up other projects like cleaning out the whole cupboard or things like that which mess up the whole place ..(Here in India space is a premium) so we have very little place and have to adjust everything in small spaces..

So that’s what I did, I cleaned up my much-loved magazine and book shelf (only one shelf) having at least 200+ magazines and some books. I had to bring everything down (It’s a deep drawer which is one foot in height and equally deep) so takes books in two rows with three sections in each row.. Hehehe confusing.. I am too…

I loved going through my magazines arranging them according to my convenience and piling them again and also Humm.. Discarding a few???? Which I really don’t ever enjoy.

But I did just what I wanted did not cook anything, ate only leftovers.. My dear son does not mind this as long as I make his favorite Instant Noodles for him.. And off course lots of fruit.

You won’t believe what I had for dinner.. (No food cooked at dinner as well) I had milk and cereal with my favorite fruit Banana. My son had leftover spinach paratha from the day before.. He loves them.

All in all a relaxed day cleaning and watching lots of YouTube videos of homemakers making their home a better place.


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