Yesterday when I had gone for my regular vegetable and grocery shopping I noticed a banner which announced an exhibition. This exhibition had artisans from nearby places come together to showcase their things.

I love such exhibitions because the things available are handmade and they are not available in big malls as they are produced in limited quantity with limited resources and so, are not mass produced .

The advantages of buying such goods are that you encourage small time artisans to sell and improve their products and also have some unique handmade stuff with you.

I normally never let go an opportunity to visit such places and one so near never…. so there I was at the exhibition with my grocery shopping bags and not too much money but as it was the last day of the exhibition I had to go there and buy something for my inner solace.

There were some lovely simple things with no frills, just simple stuff which have utility value in our day to day lives as the people who come to such exhibitions don’t have loads of money to waste but have just enough to live comfortable lives.


I purchased these beautiful earring which are made with artificial pearls and stones..They cost me quite little but they look really very neat and nice.


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