I love reading on the net , I read a lot on various blogs and watch a lot of vlogs of like minded writers like me.

i am a housewife and hence go out of the house only to fulfill  my families need like grocery shopping or something for the home i.e most of the time , off-course i do shop for myself as well.

what i  meant is that our world becomes smaller ,we meet less no of people , interact with less. h less and so our awareness  of the things happening around ;the world are less.

But reading various blogs and watching videos made by housewives like me has been a blessing.

I know what other ladies who are also living a similar life spend their day , It has made my life more complete , I enjoy reading about their kids , their menu plans , the way they organize their homes.. Each one has something to teach , we are learning from each other knowing about the other cultures, knowing about things and places which we may not be fortunate enough to visit.

The best part of my day is the time I spend reading or watching  blogs related to homemaking.. There are some super blogs which help me  give value to homemaking and made me feel good about doing the household work which I once never enjoyed doing.

I also watch a lot of vlogs ie video blogging where homemakers video their day and we can know the difference or the similarity in our lives in-spite of living miles and miles away from each other.

You will find that i share a lot of daily meal plans .. I do that so that other homemakers like me who are not in India know the culture and the food habits of my country and also enjoy blog reading the way I do.


2 thoughts on “MAKES ONES LIFE BETTER….

  1. I love it when you post pictures of your lunch thali. You might want to consider a weekly post with all the lunches of the week, if u think that works for your blog. Infact, I am toying with the idea myself, just to keep a log of what we eat.

    1. Thanks Nikita,
      For your comment.. I would love to do exactly what you suggest and have thought about it too..but in our day to day routine its not always possible to click pictures of your daily thali..
      I do it so that I can keep a log and also so that other homemakers like me get menu ideas (which I think is quite an ordeal planning the right combination of items which go well with each other)
      looking forward to your contribution.

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