It was quite a busy day yesterday, with guests coming in the evening for tea you could call it high tea because what I prepared was just like dinner but not the Indian style dinner but western style meal.

We have lots of water problem in our city for the whole of last week and will last us about a week more.it is awful when there is no water in the kitchen so I have to get up early at around 6.00 in the morning to clean the kitchen , which is full with the overnight vessels and all the bottles of drinking water are empty , we have to start a load of washing machine and that works on the water supplied by BMC (municipal corporation) It takes around 1.30 mins for one load and We get water only for 2 hours in the morning so everything has to be done quick.

Here in India there is so much pollution and humidity we have to put in one load of laundry everyday or things just pile up. As I was having people over I had to do a little bit of party prep before we said bye bye to our water supply.

The menu for  the evening was.

( Had to plan a quick and easy menu as there was no water in the house or the water was just enough for the clean up later)



SUN-FEAST PASTA made healthy with the addition of vegetables and cheese

SHAN COMPANY rice kheer .. This is a ready powder which has to be added to boiling milk and stirred for the next 15 min so, quick and easy prep (there were many who liked it but I did not like it as it had  rose essence. which was very over powering for me. Will never buy this variety as it was pretty expensive with 70/- for the dry powder packet and Rs 50/- for the milk I might as well buy milk reduce it and cook rice to make an awesome kheer.

We also got some monginis Pattice .. chicken and veg which were yummy.

after noon was busy removing crockery and getting things neat and clean.

So  all in all a busy day

This small tea party was in the honor of my husbands cousins daughter who is leaving India to study in Australia.. This is the first time that someone from our family is going to study in Australia and so we are all excited to know more about the country and how it is to live there , I am sure its a lovely place and she will enjoy it there.

We gifted her a lovely blue PAPRIKA wallet.


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