I feel in the last few days or should I say in months I havent put up any recipes for you.. I will be putting up some recipes for you but you will have to excuse me for not putting up photos for the recipes but I promise that as soon as I can do that I will .. I am writing on a netbook which does not have my photos uploaded on it .. My photos are on my computer which I cannot exvess as there is some problem going on .. but should that stop me from sharing some easy and incredible recipes from you.

I would appreciate if you could tell me if its ok for you not to have pictures for the recipes as , even writing a recipe takes time and efforts and if its not appreciated it is wasted effort. so please come forward and give me your suggestions



1/2 cup Paneer grated

1/2 cup boiled and grated potato

finely chopped coriander

make a paste of green chilies and a little  ginger 

you can add garam masala but thats optional I do add a little bit of dhania-jeera powder for taste 

1/2 tsp sugar , salt , and a spoon full of amchur powder


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl , taste and adjust the seasoning according to taste shape into small balls and deep fry..

You can add bread crumbs if you find the mixture too sticky when you shape the into balls

eat with ketchup or freshly made coriander chutney



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