I havent written for the last 2 days , I was pretty busy and I am quite happy about it . It always good to be busy and doing something useful or productive then just spending your day doing the same things over and over again.

Some people are happy with the sameness of the day the routine which they carry out over and over again over a long time offcourse its necessary for a working person to have some routine , or even a mom who has school going kids .. the routine or the sameness of your day gets your work done and you accomplish many things in a day which have to be done.

But for people who are past that age or who are stay at home with hubby and kids busy in their own world and when there is a stage you feel that you do not have anything much other than cooking or cleaning in the whole day. By cleaning I mean not deep cleaning but the cleaning after food, cleaning after getting up sort of thing,

Hence according to me one should bring about a bit of variety into ones daily activities and that’s when I am the most happy.when I do something other than the regular.That does not mean that you have to go out of your home , but within your daily duties try to do something that you dont do  everyday like deep cleaning, organizing,planning etc…

last two days have been pretty busy Tuesday I did a lot of rearranging of my magazines , I planned my home planner or binder lists for the next year , I have realized that I normally love to organize at the end of the year and have everything in order before the next year.. 

Yesterday was a shopping day , I was out ost of the day morning I went to Hypercity which is a all in one departmental stores which is mostly known for good quality grocery items which has Indian as well as international food.

It normally happened that I get a lift from my husband as there is lots of items to be carried so he picks me up during his afternoon break and so I have to finish everything before he finishes his work. It so happened that I was just half way throught when he finished and he does not have the  patience to wait for me as he is tired from his morning session of  work and has to go home have a nice home cooked meal and take a short nap before going back for the evening session of work. So I was just half way done and so had to go home with  my hubby and then resume my shopping in the evening .. 

I did not go to the same shopping place as its far away I went to a place which is quite near to my home and at a distance where I could walk back after doing my shopping plus I had some laundry to be given for dry cleaning and also had to buy some milk.

You wont believe it but when I go for work which may probably take me 45 mins took me 2 hours as I love to go through my regular grocery shops and buy browse thru things and see what is new and what I may need. also walking in the traffic with cars going at close distance from you is an ordeal.

So those where the two days for you with lots of intermediate cooking . which is a must .I cannot avoid making 3 meals a day and they are complete meals.

I was happy with my 2 days for some it may seem that I had not done anything in particular but for me I did something that I dont do everyday and which gave me a lot of satisfaction and happiness while doing it and thats what is important at the end of the day you should feel that the day was well spent from your perspective.


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