Every day you learn something about life ,about living its only upto us to keep our mind open look around you .. observe your life and happenings.

Each one finds happiness in something that may not be very important to others , try to find that happiness in your day , in your life..


I am a homemaker and most of my day goes in doing household tasks like cooking, cleaning or just something around the house which is a routine.. But for a person like me I do not enjoy the sameness of the tasks , I like to do something different it may be for a little as an hour a day but something different.

Now I don’t get enough time to organize around the home as I spend a lot of time cooking and cleaning after cooking…so today morning I did just what I like doing .I bought down all my sarees and tried to match the blouses and see what was it that I had , what needed to be dry cleaned or go be just ironed it took me more than an hour to do that but it really did refresh me as I felt rejuvenated enough to go and cook my afternoon lunch .





I did not nap in the afternoon but sat and wached some videos on grocery hauls

Everning I went to our local market walking , so it was a exercise come shopping tryp for me I bought milk , snacks, some vegetables

Came home a bit late as I came back walking then I made schezwan pasta and coffee for the family

Just cleaned up everything and sitting here to write to you , quite a productive day.


I feel like writing a lot about my thoughts about life or little things of life which bother us or just make us happy or elated would you like it if I write something or something that is on my mind please write in the comments about it..


3 thoughts on “LEARN….

  1. I love your blog, It is an honest presentation about food.

    People usually make others guilty for loving a good meal, but you just make me want to eat something delicious; something filled with flavors and lovely to look at. Thank you.

      I believe that one has to be honest in what you write as that is your medium of expressing your thoughts and if you are not true .. you are not true to yourself..

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