MY DAY…21ST November 2013

We housewives have almost the same routine everyday.. We have a set time and same type of things to be done and so our days or you can say mornings are almost the same off course depending on the schedule of the others in the house who have to go out either for work or studies.

I normally write my day schedule so that others who are interested and are at home can read it and find it a little interesting to see what others just like them are doing with their time at home. I really wish there where more ladies who write about what they do.

MORNING SCHEDULE..Today breakfast was what everyone wanted … I had muesli and crackers, Hubby had flakes with banana and dear son had cheese and schezwan sauce sandwich..

its 11.45 am and I am going to have my mid morning cup of tea and go to prepare lunch for the day..

Today’s lunch is …

Radish leaves vegetable

king fish curry (radish leaves vegetable is a mild tasting veg with almost no spice other than a couple of green chillies , and so it goes well with the hot and spicy fish curry} When I cook I take into account the flavours and tastes of the dishes so that they blend well with each other.

cucumber salad (cool and refreshing)

Kokum kadi .. a watery concoction with rice made only i Goa..It will be 3.00 by the time I will be free from the kitchen work .. then its some nap time and probably some computer time

Its 3.05 Just finished cleaning up the kitchen and am sitting here watching some grocery hauls.


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