I am writing here after a long time , although I always wish to write my day to day activities in short its not always possible to write in detail , but today I had to write .You are inspired to write when you do something different than the normal day to day routine.

Morning started with making tea as usual , boiling milk ..


Then having a cup with my regular magazine browsing, did not have a lot of time to do that as hubby was to leave for work an hour earlier than usual as he wanted to visit his sister en route to work.

So made a quick breakfast of coleslaw with carrots and cabbage and toasted them in a burger bun.. yummy and filing.


ImageAfter breakfast its the usual planning meal time with my maid arriving at around that time , we have to keep track of what they are doing.

Today was a important day for Cricket fans in India as it was our cricketing hero SACHIN TENDULKARS.. 200th and very last match of his career and so It was exciting for us to see his play , he was playing at the score of 38 and was a overnight batsman.About an hour was spent watching a match and watching Tendulkar play a spectacular match.

Then cooked lunch and made my first ever choco chip cookies and also a batch of homemade chocolates to carry to my brother in laws house where he is celebrating his birthday.

all and all a hectic but nice day… Have to get ready to leave for the Party…




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