Its very important that a person keeps himself busy at whatever stage of life she is.. Here i am specifying the she because normally men go out to work with a stay at home mom or a lady who does not work out of home.


you will find that ladies who have young children to look after are busy the whole day running after the kids and generally doing things for them along with their daily household routine.. But as the kids grow and become more and more independent those duties reduce and finally you come to a stage when there is an empty nest .. so what should one do to keep oneself busy..

Being physically and mentally busy is very essential during such times .and I feel that one should find things that give you happiness a  sense of fulfillment ..

You should think of what gives you the maximum satisfaction and try to incorporate it into your day to day routine.

I have a friend who loves to organize and clean her home.. She is middle ages does not have kids and so has lots of spare time on her hands.. She is always criticized for not going out and enjoying herself and being at home and cleaning .

Although as friends one feels that she should spare some time for them.. as she is free .. But its also true that she finds great happiness and satisfaction in cleaning her house ( although it might look a bit excessive to others…). Whats important for her is to be mentally busy , busy enough not to feel the void in her life.

I appreciate the efforts she takes in keeping her house clean .. she plans, makes lists , de-clutters and reorganizes.. she puts her soul into the work that she does and this in turn keeps her busy with new projects everyday.


I have heard other friends saying ” oh.. this is a one hour job for which she takes a whole day.” agreed that its an hour worth job , but for those who are busy doing other things who have other things on the schedule.. Here she knows that by doing this she is not getting any money , what she gets is mental satisfaction ,  a clean house and a positively planned day.

I totally understand her and I feel as long as she is happy no one else should mind what is being done..




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