It was my hubby’s Birthday this Sunday and so the whole weekend was spent preping for the party and the actual party.

When we have a party its all about food and food and only food . We spend major time either buying food, cooking food and finally serving food for the lad;y of the house as she never gets to sit and enjoy a party. I did this because I know my husband loves fish and home cooked food but for my Birthday I would love to go out and take it easy.

I planned a fabulous fishy meal for the party there were around 20 people all close family members.

let me share the Menu with you…


lots and lots of fried fish ( Jumbo prawns, promfret , mackeral )

chicken chettinad (dry chicken)

Home made Hummus with puris and cucumber.. (My first try at making Hummus)


paneer Jalfrezi

Main course..

Chicken Biryani (ordered)

Egg curry with Potatoes and prawns for flavour

karela vege (made by Mom in law)

clams sukha (clams in coconut and onions)

Chapati or Roti


Besan Halwa made by mom in law

egg-less chocolate cake baked by me

vanilla ice-cream to go with the cake.

It was a very tiring but satisfying weekend.. and the end of which I was down and exhausted..But you feel good when people appreciate the meal and enjoy eating it.

how do you spend your spouses birthday ???




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