I haven’t written since mid of June.. as I have doing a lot of organizing here and there…I make a list of things to be done.everyday and try to do as much as possible , I don’t  want it to be something by which I will feel pressurized.

When you plan on your own accord it should be a pleasure and not something that you feel exhausted on completion.

Its morning time which is my organizing time so I try to do what I can in between cooking lunch which is quite elaborate and also reading of blogs which I do as I am cooking and cleaning .. It inspires me and also takes my mind away from the monotonous everyday grind.



June 22nd June 23rd was the weekend I spent at my moms place.. They had a Puja or a religious offering to God organized at a temple for which I and my family were present .. My mom had invited us for lunch at her place so we had lunch there, evening was spent at a small supermarket called MAGNET with my sister in law.. I love shopping in such small market places as you can find many things to buy which is not at big malls where you have to plan and buy as the prices are quite high. I love to shop for food items and little day to day things like containers, bags , stationery etc. Sunday 23rd too was spent at my moms place.. I normally go out shopping when I stay there because that’s the only time I can do it without the worries of my household duties . I can freely go and enjoy. So again I went with my sister in law who too was here to stay with my parents for the weekend..Both of us have similar interests when it comes to shopping so we can shop well together. I went to Dadar station for shopping of little things like earrings , little dresses for my niece.. there was little that I wanted to purchase she did most of the shopping I was happy just looking around.

In India there is this concept of station road shopping where you will find a lot of crowd ( will write about in on a separate  post)

I will continue about my weekend after that in a separate post or it will really get boring for those who are not as interested as me in shopping


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