Back again to tell you what I did and ate yesterday… Hope you like it. and It helps you plan your meals a little bit… This meal planning will help mostly Indian readers who probably cook similar to mine .. but it would be lovely if you comment on this post and tell me what you cooked today even if its just one meal. so it helps me too to plan.. Please put in your comments so I know that the efforts taken by me to put this here are appreciated. Thats the only way to remain connected.


I am trying to organize a little bit everyday so yesterday I cleaned up my stationery drawers om the morning they were quite a mess and as space is always a constrain here cleaning up and arranging also needs a lot of planning as i have to keep things close to each other so a little bit of moving disrupts the organization and that’s probably  the reason things get disorganized very quickly and I have to do everything all over again


BREAKFAST: milk and cereal

LUNCH : Rajma masala, cabbage vegetable, dal , rice,and chapati

DINNER : Bitter gourd vegetable and beet root salad  with yoghurt

went for a walk in the evening after a hour long nap

My maid who helps around a little bit is on leave for the last 15 days and so I spent a lot of time doing things which I normally dont do.



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