It so happens that I feel like posting many a times but as I cannot upload photos everyday.. I just wait for them to be uploaded before I can write something and hence the writing is put off as that particular day is over and I have another day in front of me…

Hence I have decided that I will be putting up my meal for the day in writing almost everyday , It will be good for me to look back and see what was cooked or my menu plan and it will also be of help to other ladies who have to cook three meals a day…

Here in India we cook everything  (almost everything) from scratch and hence spend a lot of time in the kitchen.I plan my meals with lot of deliberation.I try to see that the taste balances with each other eg.. If I do something spicy like a fish curry with rice then I will make a simple vegetable to go with it and the vice-versa…

I like to have a homemade breakfast most of the days of the week , and in Indian cooking lots of items are required to do a simple meal too.. so you have to plan ahead.

How do you like this idea of me sharing my day to day meals with you all…

I had ..

BREAKFAST : Cheese toast sandwich

LUNCH: gavar bhaji , tomato , cucumber , onion salad , tomato dal and curds with the regular chapati and Rice.

DINNER: ordered Pizza…(happens once in a couple of months) ..

I love it when I get these free evening when I don’t have to cook anything , but I like it when we have lunch outside as it gives me a free morning ..




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