Last couple of weeks have been very busy with carpentry going on .. So


So there has been a little lax in my organizing schedule and plan. As you know I have decided that this year I am going to organize my home step by step.

There is a lot of inspiration on the net and I see many bloggers doing the same, but here in India it’s very different from the other western countries as here we have tiny houses and most of us stay in apartments. Needs are the same but due to lack of space organizing different areas becomes a challenge. It takes very little time for things to be in a mess again because we have to arrange things in tight spaces and so things tend to entangle and mess up soon enough.

But still I am trying to be as organized by discarding stuff and keeping only those things that I am sure I will be using in near future.

Kitchen is almost organized.. I have made a small kitchen cabinet which has helped me organize my kitchen stuff like I could bring in some crockery which I used to store in my living room cabinets.

Cleaned up three shelves of napkins, towels, tissues and bags which took up most of my morning.

Its 6.30 in the evening and I plan to finish off for the day and go for my evening walk.. I am a little tired as I have not got time to take a break or nap in the afternoon.

But there is lots of satisfaction when you complete something that has been long pending.

Have any of you been organizing and cleaning in this New Year?

Please share your tips with all of us.



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