I have been reading a  lot of home organization articles lately where ladies around US , some in the UK are taking up challenges to improve, de-clutter or arrange their homes.

These posts are real Inspiration and you feel like being a part of these event , I love to see the link ups of various bloggers who take part in the challenge and share their experiences with us. I would love to be a part of their event too and this made me think how different organization in India is from organization in other western countries.

1. We have less space to organize.

2. Pollution levels are very high and so there are lots and lots of dust.

3.We can afford to buy many thing but due to lac of space those things become messy and we cannot organize or arrange them in the way it is done in other countries.

Organization deals with various rooms , normally in Mumbai where I stay we have very small houses Just big enough to have our daily required items .Hence we normally do not have dining room our dining table is kept in our living room.

Our bedrooms do not have big huge closets just wardrobes which we get done .our bathrooms are tiny and so are our kitchens .. Pantry being a small cupboard for keeping the extra stuff.

despite of all this I am going to organize and clean my home.In my way with my schedule according to our requirement

If there are other ladies who have read this ,, can just for the list for the organizing and the schedule you too can join in and we all can have fun by sharing our ideas with each other.

To start with last week was the

WEEK 1  :  schedule planning ( plan how you wish to spend your day …)

WEEK 2  :  kitchen declutter and organization.

WEEK 3. will tell you in a few days.

Area there many out there who will take part in the challenge pls send me in a comment and you can share your ideas or your way of homemaking.


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