I love eggs I feel that its the most versatile item that one has…Very nutritious and quick to make..

I always have eggs ready in my fridge for some quick fix or a sudden hunger felt by my son..

Today morning , my son had to go late to college that means that I did not have to pack his lunch box and so gave me an opportunity to take a little more of my morning sleep..I am not a early bird I don’t mind sleeping late but getting up earlier than I do i.e 6.30 am is not something that I enjoy..

So after waking up and having my morning cup of tea(which I love to have with my book or magazine reading)



I normally go for making a substantial breakfast , sometimes I have it ready as its the same thing that I give my son for his lunch box.

So today a I was up late I had time just enough to boil some eggs and make a nice sandwich with bil eggs pepper and salt and finally grilling them to crispy brown easy tasty healthy breakfast ready in no time…




What is your quick fix when you cook your breakfast?


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