I call this wandering and not shopping as that was what I was doing..I went to do something that I always love to do , go wandering around a station road market .. In Mumbai where I live station roads are a place which are always bustling with activity and you will find a array of things which can be purchased by people of all income groups especially the lower and middle income group .

I just love roaming around .. and just give a sweeping glance at the things on display which are always interesting .. stations play a important part in our day to day life as public transport is used by almost all as not all can afford to have their own vehicle but our train or railway system is very well developed making it a convenient mode of transport for the working class..

I spent about 4 hours their and it was fun for me .. No one has the patience like I do as the street is quite crowded with lots of people doing the same that I do while others are serious shoppers.



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