Its been a very long time since I have done something creative , I just dont get the urge to create something , all my available free time is spent reading other blogs and being happy with what others are creating and sharing .

But a few days back I got this above picture from a blog and decided to do something with it….for my own self to keep and display on my dressing table.. I love vintage pictures and prints and I was thinking of using these free prints in something that I can get the pleasure using or looking at…

I had some planks of cut plywood pieces lying around .. so I took this piece which was if the right size suitable for the picture which I had printed (  we have to go to a special printing press for printing clear pictures on paper so it is effort itself to print one single picture but the effort which is enjoyable)

I painted this piece of wood with  paint which can also be used for fabric too..I then used modge podge  to stick the picture over the wood.

Its looks so wonderful beside my bed side I havent framed it as like it looking rustic as it is… pstttt…

did you notice the new bedspread which I am using under the picture? It has got that lovely vintage lookl.


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