The whole of last month has had a different type of daily routine for me… Here in India we are used to our domestic help who helps us with the day to day work .. so we are dependent on them for doing our daily things like washing vessels (most of us dont own a dish washer) and also for moping and cleaning house..

We can get someone to help us for almost all the jobs that are done around the house…and it so happened that my maid  of 6 years suddenly decided that she did not want to continue working and would take a break for sometime ..(I feel that she must have made some other plans as its not possible for a person to leave her job and just sit at home with the cost of living going sky high here in India.)

I came across such a situation for the first time when I did not have absolutely anyone to help me and I had to do everything alone. Those staying in India know that its difficult here with the pollution and the dust to keep the house clean without it being moped and dusted for even a single day. And this made me think that the one who comes to your house to do your job is their only because of what you pay them and not because they love doing it .. and hence they do not think twice before making other plans . but we who love our homes so much are so dependent on them , which should change we should become self reliant . This was a great lesson which I learnt the hard way…as I was thrown off guard and was not physically and mentally prepared for such a situation ..

but there are some great blogs which I read,which  where of  great help to me , they helped me understand the meaning of doing your house work on your own.. It changed my mind set towards things…one such blog is its a real boon for homemakers who fall in a situation where they have to do everything on their own…

Another blog which makes you feel like working for your home is http://www.down—to—

I always enjoyed cleaning dishes and other kitchen items and used to wash them myself even when I had a maid come in and do them everyday  , I love the look of  clean vessels in my draining basket ….

I also learnt that its awful to be dependent on others for your daily work and that they don’t care for how your house looks or how the work is done as long as they get paid at the end of the month ..

I also saw that when we do these things we do them much better than them and that we put in a lot of love into doing it…

I always thought that it would be so frustrating if my maid left the job for some reason and how I would be able to manage without her… but time and this lesson has taught me that although a little frustrating in the beginning you enjoy doing things independently you don’t have to wait for her to come and do the job you do the things yourself as they are required to be done ,you become your own master and the home is in your control….

I am sure Indians will understand what I feel because its the same situation all over the place … Where we feel helpless when our domestic help does not come for even a single day….

Those bloggers who are reading this I would love it if you put in your comments and share your thoughts and views on this with all of us…

Making the bed, changing bedspreads and pillow covers is something I love . I love the feel of fresh and clean pillow covers…

I love decorating my home within my budget , I love to make small changes in my house which bring about a fresh look.

Doing these extra things has helped me in keeping myself mentally occupied which is good for ones mental wellbeing..

And so the change and the new rhythm is not bad at all….


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