I have been reading a lot of blogs and that too everyday …

each blogger has something to teach you one can take what one likes get inspired by some and learn something new and start something new…

I always loved bedsheets or bedspreads but I was not too passionate about them , I used to love them for their colours I love bright and warm colour shades i.e reds,yellow, orange or rust .. and hence I almost always chose such colours.

But now I look at them with different , I look at them in a way others would look at them , I appreciate the sheets or the fabrics that other bloggers use and some of them are just fabulous and appeal to ones eye , I look for such appeal.

I know that the choice of fabric, the colour , the texture changes from person to person but still beauty can never be hidden and I think a beautiful fabric will never be hated , if loved by one.

Last week I went to a whole sale market that sold fabrics and this has happened the very first time in my life that  I have visited a whole sale market for fabrics . This is the transformation that can be bought about in a person when he is inspired by others…

Reading about fabrics , looking at them on blogs and appreciating the various shades, colours and prints made me visit a whole sale market…

Here I found this lovely cloth which could be made into a beautiful bed sheet or bedspread whatever you would like to call it.

I got two for my sons room which has a single bed .

Do you like it please give me some genuine comments I will appreciate it and I would also like to know about your love for fabric and what you love using a piece of fabric if you ever get a chance.

I forgot to mention I have never stitched anything in my life , I am very bad at stitching or anything that concerns a needle (I have done some very simple embroidery though).

I feel one can make some lovely tea-towels with this fabric ( I think a non-stitcher like me can make tea-towels too…).Friends please give me ideas as to what a person like me stitch with 2 meters of this type of fabulous cloth..

something easy , straightforward and simple … waiting eagerly for your replies…


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