We have one of my hubby’s cousins staying quite near our place and it so happens that due to our busy schedules , one normally does not find time to be with each other or to spend some fun time.

It always happens that when we invite someone the focus goes on food and then one tends to keep everything else away .

So, I decided that I would be doing a biryani and frankie for dinner (not that this wont take time as biryani making is quite a tedious project) but I have decided to keep it simple and straight .

Right not its 4.00 in the afternoon and I have finished making the chicken part of the biryani, I have to cook rice then layer it and cook it together.

I am planning to make a vanilla cake with butter frosting (first time for the frosting) I never make a frosting on a cake I keep them plain as I believe that a cake is not something that is very healthy to eat but but… I love baking and so I could not stop myself from planning a cake as a dessert for the party.

I have lots and lots of work left to be done like a cake from scratch, setting up the table, clearing up the mess , getting ready myself to invite guests into my home.

I will be posting the photos later and will also take photos after setting the table..

I would love to hear from you when you read this post and know the menu can you suggest what i can add to the menu or what i should have added to make it complete.


One thought on “GET TOGETHER….

  1. Akashata,
    You have got a nice blog and girl you got lot of patience to write your daily stuff…Its really simple and cute. I really liked it.

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