Its pouring here today , and the weather is awesome, Its good for people like me who are sitting at home in front of the computer and thinking of things that i should share with all my blogger friends..

But for those who are out there it quite a tough time , when trains move slowly the roads are all flooded .

Weekend was quite good, Saturday being a normal day where the morning was spent cooking, cleaning and doing the day to day routine.

Sunday , which is a non- tiffin day for me I woke up quite late and had tea which my dear hubby made for me , The tea tastes so great as it was made by my hubby dear so it was a good start to the day.

I just love to have a cup of tea on my couch or my window sill with my favorite magazine “COUNTRY LIVING” and that’s what i did.

I just love to look out at the greenery inside and outside my home.

I would love to eat something hot and spicy  like


I would love to eat so many of other snacks and hot and spicy items but due to lack of photos I haven’t . but if i do manage to take some I will share them with you.


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