I have been reading a lot of  blogs where blogger friends try to help other bloggers in the way they can.

It is amazing to see how homemakers all around the world are all doing almost the same thing but still live different types of lives depending on the task at hand.

I will share with you in short the day as many times as I can…Hope you comment on it

Today’s day was quite fruitful as regard to cleaning and De-cluttering done…

I cleaned up my long pending drawer which has my extra crockery and appliances which are not used on a daily basis… That took up most of my morning.

After my normal routine of cooking , cleaning etc in the afternoon I cleaned and cleared my purses of the chits , bills, and junk stuff that remains lying in it till i give then due attention.

so great work done today , I feel proud of myself as this was something that was on my list for a long time but i was feeling just a bit lazy to start it , this thing has taught me some thing and that is if you want to start something Do IT NOW AND DON’T WAIT FOR THE RIGHT TIME TO COME.

Lunch was quite elaborate with gourd vege , beet vege, roasted corn salad, tomato sar, rice and chapatis

so a simple dinner ‘

I made noodles for dinner … ]



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