Today is the day with my sons cousins…

I invited 2 of my sons cousins over for a day , my son so much wanted to spend some time in their company and enjoy doing some boy things which teen boys enjoy doing and that is playing on the computer and watching some war movies…

We had been to my hubby’s cousins party yesterday night , It was a wonderful party with lot of food , lots and lots of starters which were mainly fish fried.. we had prawns,kingfish,mackeral,clams and some little prawn bhaji.

A big pot of chicken Biryani was made which was yummy… and sweet dish was fruit Rabdi…

Today was India bandh day and so everything was supposed to be closed and so no classes for my son and that’s the reason I invited them over for a day stay . we all woke up quite late at around 7.00 (the boys later at around 9.00)

I made shevyacho sanjo or vermicilli upma for breakfast with bournvita milk for the boys.

Lunch was green watana masala bhaji , boondi and tomato raita and varan bhat , the boys really enjoyed the food and that’s a very good feeling when your efforts are appreciated and you can see it without words when you have clean plates and they ask for second helpings.I made some bread pudding for dessert..

I finished clearing up and cleaning quite late and was tired by the time i was all done , it was almost 4.00pm by the time I finished with my kitchen cleaning. Time for a little nap but only after reading a little which I think I must have managed to get past only one page…

I woke up very late at around 7.00 pm it’s very unusual that I sleep so late , but I am sure I was so tired being on my feet the whole morning that I did not even hear my maid coming in to do her job..

It was time for tea , the boys did not have anything as I was sleeping so I jumped out of bed and went directly to the kitchen Made some tea and also some Maggie noodles for the boys..

It was time for the boys to go home as the bandh was called off and it was safe for them to go home.

I just didn’t feel like doing anything much after that so sat and watched some TV serials before going in to make a veg for dinner.


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