The day started out with being one of the rainy days kind….


I woke up quite late as compared to the other days i.e i woke up at around 7.45 am and so had to rush into the morning routine especially the breakfast part which had to be ready by 8.15am and hot on the table for my son who has to leave at 8.30.

I had some fried semolina in the fridge and hence i could make some upma for him.

Today has been quite a productive day when it comes to cleaning, decluttering and organizing.

My home needs a real cleaning up, I have not been doing a lot of organizing or decluttering during recent times which has resulted in things being hoarded and you can see old things not used but not discarded in almost all the shelves.

In India we perpetually have the shortage of space and so problems in storing our things.

I love stationery and hence have a huge collection of erasers, pens, pencils, pads etc…


Now it so happens that many of my ball pens just dry up as they are not used for a long time and they lie with me unused for the love of having them with me .
So today I made a resolution that I would just chuck out those which have not been used for a long time and not just hoard them and utilize the precious space where other important items have been placed.

And that’s what I did the whole morning after my hubby went for work and my son for his classes I started out on the stationery drawer and cleaned up everything by just pulling down everything from the drawer and then keeping only those things which I felt I would need.

YAY!!!! I was happy I could discard and arrange , discarding   is the toughest part of any cleanup as you have to give away the things that you so have collected over a long period of time .


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