I have posted a lot of  everyday meals  since i have started blogging here, I would love it if my readers who sincerely and regularly read my blog (but don’t comment..). ***sigh….****. Please Please do comment as thats the only way by which we bloggers will know where we go wrong or whether whatever we are sharing with you friends is appreciated or not…

Sincere and genuine comments are always welcome with feedback which makes us more and more enthusiastic to click photos and share our life with you…

So my friends i will be waiting for your comments…

I normally love to take photos of a full meal or thali that we have everyday at our home . It gives you an insite into the life of a person , his preferences , his way of life or whether he likes his food spicy or mild and what are his preferences of food .

If you see my plate its normally full of salad i.e you will see that i eat a lot of salad (but but ….hummm…. i don’t reduce the food that i eat so the calorie value is not reduced , have to learn to eat less of  carbs if i eat more of salad..).  wouldnt it be great if my dear friend bloggers would share their daily meal plan with me , so that all who love to know what cooks in other peoples homes would be delighted…

so please comment on this post with your menu for the day..

so, here is the thali of the day….

The menu…

matki usal

ambat varan

roasted corn salad

capsicum vege

rice and chapati…


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