I had been to a friends house who also loves traditional stuff like me stuff that make you feel comfortable and cozy.

This was about a year ago, she had invited other friends too, the menu for the evening was shev batata puri , dahi wada and a hot cup of tea.

These groups of friends are all great tea lovers so; we look for an opportunity to have tea together whenever time permits.

After having our snacks (which were quite heavy and that would also be our dinner) she came out with a tray full of lovely tea cups which were not cups in an actual sense but they were more like cups without  handles somewhat like glasses .

I know that in some villages and even in some places in my city curd is set in such earthen pots and the pot is discarded after use. But such pots where made in terracotta and to be used only once, but these cups she had purchased from an exhibition which showcases craftsmen from all parts of India and I saw that these were not terracotta but ceramic cups or glasses which could be reused and which can be used like an ordinary cup. Isn’t it ingenious?  I fell in love with those little cups and wanted a couple for myself .but as luck would have it the exhibition which lasts for about 15days is organized only once in a year. So I would have to wait.

This was as I said about a year back, so obviously I forgot about these cups , but it so happened that last Sunday when I was passing by the place where these exhibitions are held I saw the banner advertising the same , which reminded me of the little beauties which I wanted to own and had not , a little bit of detour (little for me….) and I was at the exhibition fervently searching for them, and there I see them sitting in the corner waiting for me to come and pick them up and take them home with me…

I did not buy a couple but 2 couples Hahaha…. I was exhilarated; my hubby does not understand my excitement only those who have gone through this will know right???

It gives a feeling of being i a small town or village and living a relaxed , stress free life where needs and expectations are much less and so is the financial status and so you can enjoy the little little things in life…

These cups make me think of such a life which people living in small remote villages must be enjoying .

I have seen some plate which are of a similar pattern in her house which i too am looking forward to buying if ever i get an opportunity to visit an exhibition in near future…( exhibitions here are not very frequent and now that it so hot and humid here in India its very torturous for these vendors who set up their stalls in an open land for such exhibitions.)


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