I am not too fond of cups and saucers unless they are very vintage and English looking with floral prints . Such cups and saucers are very difficult to find here in India and if you do find they they will be very priced exorbitantly and you will use them only for special occasions or special parties .

I love to use different types of mugs for my morning tea and the brighter they are the better and so i am always in search of some nice and bright mugs ( i will show you my collection soon , i have lots but i had more but over the period of time they have got chips or cracks and so the precious ones come out only occasionally .

I prefer to have my morning cup of tea in a robust thick mug or anything that is colourful but my midmorning tea or coffee i normally prefer to have in a delicate bone china cup and saucer or a bone china mug , i myself do not know why i have these preferences but i do have them..**smile**


This is my latest purchase from the hypercity mall ,actually i should say the second latest purchase because i went there just yesterday to pick up some more of  the shape and design but to my disappointment the whole lot  where sold out and in its place where mugs which were shorter but having the similar stripes , so i immediately purchased 4 of those (will show you later).



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