I like it when i have a busy schedule for the the whole day , especially when it  involves moving out of the house and doing some outdoor things or official work.

Today i woke up quite early i.e at 5.30 inspite of sleeping late at around 1.00 at night and could not get sleep inspite of trying to do so..

It so happens that its very hot once it is around 8-8.30 in the morning and the mid afternoon sun is unbearable but the morning are cool and pleasant so i decided to go for my morning walk ( I never go for morning walks too lazy for that) i normally prefer to go walking to my local market purchase things and come back by an auto.. I am not too much of an exercise person but i have to put that into my daily routine as my health signals me that exercise should be a crucial and essential part of my life…

But but… as soon as i finished my morning rituals i felt a pang of hunger and wanted to eat something , now!!! eat before a walk? but could i walk with a feeling of hunger off course not !!!! so i had my cup of tea with my regular dose of biscuits and rusk….

so by the time i was out for my walk it was 7.00 in the morning and the pleasant and cool breeze was turning to warm .

will tell you the rest of my day later have to go for making my dinner..



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