I have been blogging for sometime now , what i love about blogging is being able to express myself , being able to share with other like minded bloggers the things that I love doing and the best of all LEARNING FROM OTHERS.

I think that blogs teach us more than what we realize .

They teach us more than what we would learn from books or from people around us .

One comes across such wonderful bloggers who have varied interests , whose enthusiasm towards life and the simple things that our day to day things have to offer is really infectious.

They teach you so much , there are things that are hidden deep down our own consciousness which are waiting to pop up and make us aware of our needs and our liking.

I get inspiration from a lot many blogs , they inspire me to do things which i knew i liked but i never actually took the effort to do but blogs like this one inspired me to look at life with different eyes , i always liked colours , bright colours, but i did not search for them in everything i saw , i did not look for them in everything i touched , but since i have been reading this blog i have been looking at simple things around me with a new angle and i realize that i am seeing things differently , amazing isn’t it ? …..the same things only our outlook and the perspective has changed and everything changes .

Such a lot of pleasure when you see bright spots in an otherwise ordinary mundane day

In days to come you will find many photos bursting with colour and putting life into a bright mode and if there is someone out there who would get inspired like i did and follow the same example it would make my day…

so here are some snaps taken after the inspiration….


Look at the wonderful colours that nature had endowed upon a watermelon, isn’t it unfortunate that we do not give any significance to such a marvel of nature and to the various beautiful things that are on offer to us


Because of the new awareness i did notice the table cloth too….. great!!!!


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