Today my sons HSC exams have began , today he had his first paper- ENGLISH

So the morning routine was a bit different from the other days , i woke up early at 6.00 am so that i could wake him up in order to do his last minute revision . By the time all were up it was almost 6.30 .

He has not been keeping too well since yesterday a little bit of stomach upset or uneasiness due to which he did not want to have his regular glass of milk , actually i did not want him to drink it as it was yesterday since he had his milk he had been feeling a little uncomfortable so he had tea with us with wheat rusk dipped in it.

We were supposed to leave home at around 9.00 am the examination timing is from 11.00 to 2.00 . The traffic in Mumbai is so unpredictable that you cannot take a risk of leaving at the last moment it actually takes only 20 mins to reach the destination but with the traffic problems it could take anywhere around 20mins to 1-1.5 hours.

Breakfast was off course of his choice so that he is happy and calm he suggested i make shevya sheera i.e vermicilli spicy upma and thats what i made , it takes some time as we have to brown roast it first and then the whole procedure if there is anyone who wants the recipe pls tell me so i will post about it too…

so after breakfast ,bath and taking gods blessings we left at 9.15am the traffic was not too bad so it took us around 35 mins to reach the examination center which is also his college. off course it was his papa who drove us to the college.

I waited in college till 11.00 and then came home by a shared cab with my other friends …

I was sooo hungry by the time i came home that i just ate what i could and then had to do my cooking…

made a pulao and waited for the others to come home to eat ,sat at the computer for some time in the morning .

Had lunch,sat at the computer again for 2 hours and then slept for sometime .

Went to the neighbors house to enjoy watching Sachin Tendulkar score a magnificent 200 a world record.

came home did some radish vegetable . sat at the comp again for sometime ( i think i am sitting a lot at the computer and not doing any other thing like reading or doing something creative i have to change this)

Now its 8.40 pm and i have to get back into the kitchen to make carrot parathas for dinner ,green chutney is already in the fridge…


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