I am fascinated by bakeries and cannot fathom the reason behind it…

It so happens that whenever i see a new bakery anywhere around i have to visit it and buy something new or different from there..

The bakeries around my place have the fixed types of bread varieties i.e those which are consumed regularly by local they try not to be too innovative with their recipes

I love it when a bakery has a new type of bread it gives me lots of excitement to taste a new type of bread offcourse its very rare that a new bakery springs up in our area


This above bread that you see in the picture , is called as “CHELSEA BREAD” it was bought by my hubby’s friend who came  on a surprise visit to our house.

It was very surprising for me that he should bring me two different types of bread (he did not know my love for bread) from a bakery  that had just opened in his vicinity ( I am looking forward to visiting that bakery).

The bread was very yummy , It was basically a sweet bun which was swirled around with sugar syrup and some tutti- fruity , it was tasty with fresh home made butter.

The other bread was cinnamon roll , a similar looking bread but with sugar syrup and cinnamon on it..(sorry!! i forgot to take the picture before it was gobbled up by the family Hahhaa)


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