Today was a special day for  our friend Santosh Pendse’s parents as they were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary

We were invited to lunch by the Pendse’s to join in their pleasure and to seek blessings from the couple..

We had a great time their (a big place was booked and all relatives and friends where invited to join in the celebration). Lots of planning and organization was put in by Amita Pendse their daughter-in-law to see that the day was a success.

There were games which were very interesting and were planned keeping in mind the other aged couples who were participating, the couple were called to join in the games according to their age groups and the games involved.

It was a fun filled atmosphere and we could see the love and affection the family had for each other.

When you see such couples who are celebrating their 50th anniversary we feel how is it that they have spent such a long time together , and knowing them i know that they have lived their lives well together and even now i see that they have no arguments or fights and they try to adjust to each other with their flaws and their good qualities.

I would like to write a lot on this and also would invite you friends to give me your views on other couples who you have seen have lived a lot innings together and are still happy being together.


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