Today morning has been very hectic, got up at 6.15 sunny dear had to go to his classes at 6.45 , but did not have to pack a tiffin as he was to come early i.e at around 10.00 so he would have his breakfast at home…

Today i had planned an easy and non cooking breakfast i.e sweet buns with homemade white butter…It so happens that when i churn buttermilk the next day is fixed for some fresh homemade butter and bread and so i was to have a relaxed breakfast day where i would not have to cook anything special but but… that was not to be…. At 7.00 with the door ring chiming i was surprised to see my hubby’s uncle from Goa coming in for a surprise visit . He was en-route to Goa from Dubai where he was on a holiday for the last 7 days.

He is very particular about the breakfast he takes and also needs something filling and good which will keep him going till the afternoon lunch . He is not the mid-munchy type (like me i mean, i am the munchy type).

Luckily for me I had yesterdays dosa batter with the chutney which i made for dinner yesterday night and so that was breakfast for him (but i had to serve the rest too as it would look odd with him eating dosas while the other gobbling up their bread and butter.)

I had planned to cook my meals in the morning itself as we have been having water problems since the past week and we get water only for 2 hours daily which is a real nuisance and so it is better to finish off cooking early so that i can get flowing water for cooking .

Todays menu…

dry fish curry, gavar vatana ,carrot salad,rice , chapati and dahi.

Right now i have just finished cooking and my me time has started…


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