In recent times i.e since last month i have been reading a lot of blogs which stress on the importance of living a simple life. I really enjoy these blogs and would love to follow them in my own way…

I would love it if my readers especially those who are in India would share their ideas of simple living with me and the other bloggers.

The difference in the way we live and others is that we get domestic help for our day to day activities and we do not have large houses but small apartments where it becomes difficult to do certain things which come with the simple living like growing your own fruits and vegs or even making some changes in our homes…

But there are many things that can be incorporated in our day to day lives to make it more simple and stress less.

I will be giving you links to the sites or the articles which i read and which i would like to share with you on this subject…

here is one…

This is one blog which inspired me to start reading about simple living…



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